Enjoy your time in the sun, spend a relaxing day at the beach, and then come home to a cool crisp house.  There is no need to suffer through the warmest season of the year. Charter Oak Mechanical in Manchester CT offers dehumidifier services. There is so much more to comfort than just comfortable temperatures. Ask yourself: are you completely dry and comfortable in your home? If not, don’t you think that it is time to take the initiative and to do something about it? With the right air qualit

There is nothing worse about a water heater that stops working. In a recent study 12 percent of your homes energy bill comes from the use of a water heater. Even if you weren’t expecting a repair or water heater replacement upgrading your equipment may actually be to your benefit. Many of the new water heaters come with energy saving advantages. Charter Oak Mechanical has new Energy Star water heaters from companies such as Branford White and Rheem. The newest water heaters can reduce energy c

Ductless air conditioning is something that every property owner should consider investing in. Long gone are the days of suffering through damp hot summers, or having hideous ac units hanging from your windows. Today the ductless AC systems have taken over the market and penny per penny are putting every other type of cooling system to shame with the energy efficiency, style, and affordability. There are many benefits to installing a ductless unit including: