When bad weather comes our way, whether it’s forecasted or not, it can have a lot that comes with it. Staying safe and protecting your home or business are your highest priorities, but did you know there are things you can do to prep your air conditioner so that when the storm finishes, your air conditioner will not be in need of a repair.  Taking even a small bit of time to think about your heating and cooling systems before the storm hits can help you prevent damage to your system when it’s all said and done. Then, when you arrange for an AC repair professional to check your system after the storm, they can probably provide you with good news that your steps worked. Before the Storm Hits, turn off your heating and cooling equipment. Power surges are common and can seriously damage your system. Cover your outdoor unit. Debris can be strewn about in high winds so it is important to turn off the equipment and cover it up for protection. It is also a good idea to cover your unit in the winter. After the storm has cleared, clear debris from the outdoor unit, and check for damage. If  your outdoor unit is sitting in standing water do not turn it on. Call the service experts at Charter Oak Mechanical. We can properly inspect your system to determine on whether or not repairs are a necessity. Charter Oak Mechanical are HVAC contractors located in Manchester CT. We serve Manchester CT, Vernon CT, East Hartford CT and all surrounding towns for heating and cooling equipment repairs and installations.  slide3-air-conditioning