Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas that is odorless, difficult to detect and lethal. This dangerous combination of non irritating signs and symptoms make Carbon Monoxide poisoning a silent killer and the number one cause of poisoning deaths in the U.S. Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be easily prevented by installing a carbon monoxide detector. Although having a functioning detector is a way to avoid a potentially fatal situation, avoiding a Carbon Monoxide buildup to begin with is always the best

More and more homes and commercial buildings are being fitted with the modern looking units that heat and cool their interiors. You may have heard of a ductless mini split, but do you really know what they are or what they do? Like more common air source heat pumps mini splits have two components. There is an outdoor compressor and an indoor controllable unit. They heat and cool spaces more efficiently and have benefits such as their small size and flexibility for zoning. Owners of mini split un

Having a noisy water heater is mostly annoying, but what is your water heater trying to tell you? As a water heater ages sediment accumulates on the bottom of the tank. The noise that the water heater makes when sediment has accumulated is often described as a rumble. This situation is not dangerous, but it is a sign that the water heater has lost much of it's efficiency. As the sediment builds up much of the heat is lost up the chimney and less heat in the water. A more direct effect would be t

Your commercial HVAC equipment requires proper care and maintenance. Charter Oak Mechanical of Manchester CT offers commercial heating and cooling services for businesses of all sizes. Scheduling your cooling maintenance off season gives your business the advantage by allowing time for repair. Additionally having your system serviced when air cooling is not needed spares your business the expense of emergency HVAC repair fees or the demand to temporarily closing your doors. Season after season i