Call Charter Oak Mechanical for ductless heating & cooling Hebron CT. Ductless air conditioning systems link individual room units to an outdoor compressor. Units in individual rooms can be set individually. Each is linked to a single outdoor compressor. The individual units pull in warm air and send it back out as cold air. A popular alternative to traditional air conditioners, minisplits involve much less intrusive installation, blend in better with the room and are quieter and very energ

For buildings without ducts, consider heating and cooling with ductless mini splits. More and more homes and businesses are opting to install sleek mini split heat pumps to heat and cool their interiors. Anywhere in CT, Charter Oak Mechanical can provide you with alternative environmental solutions for your homes and businesses. Ductless Mini splits are energy efficient, Energy Star ® compliant appliances. hey are the perfect solution for three season rooms, enclosed patio rooms, a basement

Commercial and Residential Ductless Air Conditioning

Charter Oak Mechanical is the number one source in greater Hartford for Ductless Mini Split air conditioners. Based in Manchester, we provide HVAC services across the entire state of Connecticut. The Mini Split air conditioners are ideal for buildings that are not suitable for ductwork. Mini splits are great for older homes, commercial or institutional buildings, additions, small apartments, or any room wh