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The commercial and residential HVAC contractors at Charter Oak Mechanical can keep your indoor environment perfect year round. In blistering heat, oppressive humidity, or in the dead of winter, you will have no worries. Our company is the leading heating contractor serving homes and businesses Hartford County, Tolland County and Middlesex County.  With the temperatures dipping below freezing, the last thi

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Charter Oak Mechanical is the leading HVAC contractor serving Hebron CT in the central and eastern Connecticut regions. For heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration services, you cannot go wrong with Charter Oak Mechanical. In New England they say if you don’t like the weather… wait 15 minutes! Connecticut weather can grace us with above average temperatures one day and dip into frosty chill the next. Your home is your haven – how is

For relief this season, Connecticut homeowners call Charter Oak Mechanical, the premier HVAC Contractors.  Summer is here - finally - and so is the sticky humidity and hot weather! Make sure your home is ready by hiring our HVAC contractors at Charter Oak Mechanical. If you're looking for HVAC contractors in or around the central Connecticut area, you're in luck! You have some of the best heating, cooling and ventilation contractors around, and they're at Charter Oak Mechanical. We specializ